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AMD’s A6-3420M is clocked relatively low at 1.5 GHz but it comes with TurboCore technology which allows the processor to clock to 2.40 GHz. The A6-3420M is a quad core processor which will be great if you are looking for good performance in multi threaded scenario.

The A6-3420M belongs to the Llano series and AMD call it Accelerated Processing Unit or the APU. The APU consists of the processor cores and the graphics core. The terms differentiates it from processors which does not have graphics cores.

By having the graphics core in built into the processor, the system does not need an external discrete graphics component. At least not unless you need to play games that require intensive graphics performance. The integrated graphics in the A6-3420M has been given a part number – the Radeon HD 6520G. It can be categorized as a medium power graphics – good enough to play most of the mid complexity games. We will come to that later, but this graphics in better than the integrated graphics in Intel’s Sandy Bridge notebook processors – and this is the main reason why A6-3420M is more popular for certain group of notebook users.

AMD also allows the system manufactures to use an additional discrete graphics. One of the key advantage that the A6-4230M or Llano architecture provides is that – the two GPUs can work simultaneously to give you better performance that what each of these will do individually. There can be other usage variation – for example, if the notebook is running only on battery, the discrete GPU can be shout down completely to save power.

This AMD A6-3420M APU is/was one ahead of Intel in providing the DirectX 11 support. The Intel’s Sandy Bridge does not support Direct X 11.

Most Graphics units perform two basic functions – one is the rendering of the graphics / gaming graphics and other is the video encode decode function. The rendering part is important for the gamers where polygons are drawn/redrawn to give realistic images. You need a lot of parallel cores, higher clock and fast memory to be able to do that. The Radeon HD 6520 has 320 cores that run at 400 MHz. The second basic function a graphics unit is required to perform in the video encode decode. In Radeon HD 6520G the video encode decode function is performed by the UDV3 video processor which can encode and decode H.264, VC-1 and mpeg4. Depending upon whether you are looking for graphics for gaming or video encoding you will have to check the benchmark of one or the other ( or may be both). The Radeon HD 6520G’s UDV3 encoder is enough for a real time encoding.

More details of this processor is coming soon. Stay tuned. Here are the topics that we plan to cover

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a6-3420m comparison with other processors ( i3 and i5)
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